You have made the right decision to choose London Educators for Further Education.

Studying at London Educators opens the doors to success in life by not only giving quality education from Certificate to Post Graduate levels but also providing an opportunity to experience life in one of the world’s most vibrant and happening places, London

London Educators is approved by ASIC (Accreditation Services for International Colleges) accreditation. ASIC is an independent organization which has been approved and authorised by UKBA (United Kingdom Border Agency) to act as an accreditation organisation for international colleges. For more details about ASIC please log on to www.asic.org.uk.

We have the following accreditation from the following awarding bodies:

ATHE-Awards for Training and Higher Education, Cie-Global and Edexcel-Pearson for level 4, 5, 7.

Business communication skills, Enterprise interia/ exteria communication etiquette, Professional communication skills for managers and senior Managers, inter personal skills, Communication in an Organisation, Communication skills in IT, Communication and or presentation skills with Impact and How to deliver effective  business communications.





Post graduate courses at level 7 are:

Business courses at level 7 with Edexcel and ATHE.

Under GRADUATE and Other courses

Our current under graduate courses are from awarding bodies such as  ATHE and Edexcel.
ATHE Courses are : Certificate, Award and Diploma in Management at level 6 and 5 and 4.

Edexcel Courses are Business and Computer Courses at level 4 and 5.




Principals message

Thank you for visiting London Educators website. Our Online and distance learning courses are from an awarding body ATHE. You can also study onsite in London.

We take pride in providing high quality education and qualifications that international employers demand. Our campus has a team of highly professional and caring staff and lecturers who have both teaching and practical experience in working in London.



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