Fee, Duration and Refunds *( please contact admin at info@londoneducators.ac)

Course Fees and Refunds

Subject to availability, reduced course fees may be applicable to applicants – Please contact for further information. BCS courses are coming soon.

Government funded courses: You get a loan to do the course. You only pay back if you get employment above £21,000.

HND courses are also Government funded course. You can also apply and get maintenance fee to assist you to complete the course

You have to pay for the other courses. Please contact above email.

Online degree Fees at the time of publish; Jan 2017

Courses Online courses               £/$ Hybrid: Online and on campus £/$ Duration/ months
MBA £8992/$11390 £11684/ $14800 12
DBA /Doctorate 15400/12158 20600/16624 24
Project management certificate 4900/3868 7350/3870 6
Entrepreneurship certificate 4900/3868 7350/3870 6
Business Administration Certificate 4900/3868 7350/3870 6


  • All on campus and Hybrid programs offer Internship Opportunities
  • All on Campus and Hybrid Programs Include ESL and/or Business English Courses.
  • Credit Transfer from Entrepreneurship Certificate Or Business Administration Certificate to MBA Program: $1,800

Additional Fees: Registration fee is $290 and textbooks fee is $500 approx.

Other possible fees occurring to the student:
  • $75 commencement fee
  • $30 returned payment or insufficient funds fee
  • If studying in California Residents may be subject to S.T.R.F. fees

Please, note that tuition and fees are subject to change at the discretion of Brentwood ( London Educators) University. Textbooks and other study materials are required which will have a cost associated with them.

Payment Options

  • Tuition and fees for each course must be paid prior to each course start date.
  • Students may choose to pay their tuition and fees for the program in lump-sum prior to the start of the program.
  • Acceptable forms of payments are electronic payments, checks, money orders, or any of the major credit cards.

* Represents 1-year fee only (by signing a London Educators application form you agree and understand that course fee that we have charged you is only for one year of your course duration. If your course duration is for more than a year you must pay a fee for the remaining years ( or for the remaining months). Discount of £500 is available if you pay the full fee for 1 year in one to go provided you phone in or contact by email and get a code for a discount. Registration fee is £150. Assignment marking and exam fee varies.


If the fault is that of student;s, then no refund  is possible. Refund amount has to be agreed in advance between student and students’s agents. Agent has to agree for the refund with the College in writing. Any refund is at the discretion of the management and student’s agents. For all international students and especially for the tier 4 students; If it is student’s fault in getting the visa (example false/fake documents, such as educational documents, bank statement and references, submitted by the student for the visa purpose, the student did not represent his interview properly in front of the visa officer etc), there will be no refunds-again. For the UK students ( not international students) an admin fee of £350.00 will be retained and rest of the money will be returned.

Written confirmation from the student stating circumstances and requesting the return of the fees paid. International students should state why the visa was refused. The student should also indicate that they are not going to appeal to the UK Visa Officer.This amount will be paid to the same account, that was used to pay into London Educators account. students should read this before paying any fees.

If the course has started and the student does not want to attend the course, registration fee and an admin fee will be charged provided this happens in the first month from the start of the course. From the 3rd month, from the start of the course, a 25% of the fee will be retained. On 6th month, 50% of the fee will be retained. From 7th month no refund is possible. This is again at the discretion of the management.

Please contact us regarding fees and queries. Separate
registration/ examination fees to awarding bodies may be payable based
on your chosen course of study. You can contact us via email using either address provided below: