Pre-Arrival info

International Students Pre-arrival Guidance

Coming to UK

(non-European) nationals are advised to contact the British
Embassy/High Commission in their own country to obtain an entry
clearance before travelling to the UK. To enter the UK as a student, you
will be asked to demonstrate that you have been accepted on to a
full-time course; that you have sufficient funds to pay your course fees
and support yourself without working in the UK or claiming welfare
benefits; that you are qualified to take the course; and that you intend
to leave the UK on completion of your studies.

On Arrival Airport

­£  80 – Pick up from Heathrow and drop at College-for up to date information seek Airport information help desk

£100 – Pick up from Gatwick and drop at College-for up to date information seek airport information help desk


must have their passports and all their immigration documents handy
during their journey as these will be required by the Immigration
Officer at the check out desk on arrival.


Single Room:  £600 to £1000 per month

Shared Room: £250 to £400 per month

both options, kitchen, bathroom and utility rooms are always shared.
Students can extend the stay if they are happy with the accommodation.

Educators is the member of International Student House (ISH). They
provide affordable accommodation to our International Students. You can
avail their services once you are in the UK and enrolled with us. For
more details please log on to


must ensure that they have sufficient money to support their studies
and maintenance. Arrangements to transfer funds to the UK should be made
prior to leaving your home country. Living in London can be expensive
and it is extremely important to budget properly and keep track of your

Requirement to register with the Police

of certain countries are required to register with the police if they
are entering the UK for more than six months. Your visa will state if
this is necessary.

responsibility for police registration lies with the student, not the
College. If the words The holder is required to register at once with
the police are stamped in your passport when you arrive in the United
Kingdom, you should register with the police within seven days of
arrival. Failure to register is a criminal offence and could result in
your removal from the United Kingdom.

In London, police registration is made at:

Overseas Visitors Registration Office (OVRO)
Brandon House
180 Borough High Street
Tel: 020 7230 1208

you are not in London, you can register at the nearest police station
specified as a registration office. You will be charged for the initial
registration certificate. For more information, phone the Overseas
Visitors Records Office on 020 7230 1208.

Opening a Bank Account

you are in London you will need to open an account so that funds can be
transferred from abroad into your account. To open an account, you need
to complete an application form from the bank. You will need proof of
identity (your passport), UK address (e.g. gas or electricity bill) and
your student status (e.g. institute enrolment letter). You may also need
to show evidence of income (from a sponsor/family) or savings, and to
make an initial deposit into the account. It is also advisable to bring
references from your bank at home if you already have an account.


UK government policy is that our students are not permitted to work during term time.

Health Care

many overseas students the effects of an unfamiliar climate and the
pressures of living far from home and family can give rise to medical
problems. On arrival students are advised to register with a doctor as
soon as possible. They are also advised to register with a local dentist
as it is far easier to get emergency treatment if they are registered.
ask for admin staff for help. They will guide and help you where it is
needed. Medical problems can only be dealt with Doctors or Medical
authorised Experts and Hospitals.

­Extension of Your Student Visa

you enter the UK, you will be given ‘leave to enter’ in the UK for a
specified period. If you wish to stay longer, then it is important to
apply to the Home Office for an extension of stay before your visa
expires. You will need to complete a form, and enclose documents
including your passport; letter from the institute (London Educators)
confirming enrolment and progress; and evidence that you have sufficient