Admissions Procedure

Apply for any of our courses, students should contact colleges
Admissions Department on 0800 689 1695 or by email to

The college will send further details and the
admission form to the applicant. Student should return the completed
application form along with copies of educational certificates, proof of
sufficient funds, job reference letters (if any). The entry
requirements for each course can be checked from our website, prospectus
or directly enquiring from the Admission Department.

Checklist: You must attach the following for your application to be processed:

  • Completed application form
  • A copy of passport – photo page for E.U citizens and Visa photo page for non E.U citizens
  • Copies of Credentials
  • Experience letters (if any)
  • Two reference letters from named referees
  • Proof of available finance(bank statement meeting requirements of UKBA rules)
  • Proof of English language proficiency (IELTS or equivalent)
  • Two passport size pictures
  • Evidence of completion of progression qualification e.g. Degree, or letter confirming progression of the course.

the application has been accepted (on the basis of academics,
experience and proficiency in English language) by the Admissions
Department, the student will be sent a Conditional Offer of Acceptance
stating required amount of fee to be initially deposited along with
submission of singed English Language Competency declarations.

note that all potential students are required to satisfy
the English Language Competency requirements laid down by the awarding
bodies for successful enrolment on a course of study at London Educators
. UKBA’s published competency levels (Common European Framework – CEFR) are used by London
Educators to establish a potential student’s qualification as per
requirements at a certain level. London Educators may also conducts
video interviews for ALL students in addition to verifying
documents submitted as part of its admission procedures.

the above requirements are fulfilled, a letter along with the admission pack will be sent to the
student. Tuition fee is only refundable in line with the policy.

CAS- confirmation of acceptance for studies only applies to tier 4 international students. If a
student has lied and UKBA refuses visa ( if applicable) because of wrong or fraudulent
documents then fee is not refundable. Once visa has been granted, the
paid tuition fee becomes non-refundable.

International students
We are in process to apply for tier 4 licence for International students.

International students, who require student visa for entry into UK need to present this CAS
letter to the British Embassy or High Commission in their country of