Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) have been issued to
third parties confirming full-time student status, no refunds or course
transfers or course deferrals are permissible other than in the instance
of visa refusal (provided the refusal was not due to falsified
documents or misrepresentation) or in extreme extenuating circumstances
(at the sole discretion of the College). Admission fee is non-refundable
in all circumstances.

A charge of £50 will be made to students for all dishonoured payments.

body registration fees and, where applicable, awarding body examination
fees (i.e.  ATHE, BCS) are payable in addition to tuition fees, within a
maximum of one month from enrolment at the College. In the case of
awarding body fees not being paid, the qualification will not be

information and prices provided on London Educators s website, on
application forms and through other promotional channels is believed to
be correct at the time of printing but is subject to change (at any time
without notice) at the discretion of the College. Changes will be
displayed on the College notice board and /or on the website.

Educators reserves the right to change any aspect of a course
including availability of the course, course dates, curriculum, tutors
and study material at any time.

Educators reserves the right to obtain the students examination
performance from relevant examining body. This is purely for
ascertaining pass rates unless otherwise stated.

are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner which
demonstrates respect for London Educators and its staff, fellow
students and the property. Breach of the student code of conduct can
amount to gross misconduct, which may lead to expulsion. The College
reserves the right to dismiss any student at any time for behaviour
which is deemed to be unprofessional, inappropriate or disruptive. No
fees will be refundable for any student dismissed on these grounds and
outstanding fee will be payable .

sent from outside the UK should be paid by bankers draft or bank
transfer. Fees paid in person at the College can be by bankers draft,
cash, cheque or bank transfer.

fees (tuition or otherwise) must be paid on time. London Educators
reserves the right to withhold examination / assessment results or
tuition from students who have overdue fees (this could relate to
tuition, library fines, examination fees or any other overdue debts).

are required to follow the terms of their visa at all times. If the
College becomes aware of any breach whatsoever, it will report to the
UKBA immediately.

Our Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice. We will communicate any changes in writing.

Canceling or Changing Contents of Courses

College reserves the right not to run courses where the number of
students is considered insufficient or where resources are unavailable
or to change the contents of a course where it is considered appropriate
by the College to do so. Where numbers of students dictate, courses may
be amalgamated so that they may comprise a number of subjects,
including parts of the student’s chosen subjects and parts of other
related subjects.

Limitation of Admission to Courses

College reserves the right to refuse admission to any course because of
restricted availability of facilities due to accommodation or teaching
requirements or for any other reason which the College deems it
necessary to do so.

All admission to courses is at the discretion of the Principal.

Computer Usage and Monitoring of Internet Access and E-mails

of College computer equipment must only access Internet sites which are
suitable as educational resources. In particular, sites containing any
defamatory, inflammatory, discriminatory, obscene or pornographic
material must not be accessed. A breach of this policy may lead to
disciplinary action being taken.

College reserves the right to monitor and check, at any time, all
e-mail and internet traffic to ensure that, all users are adhering to
College policies, at all times . By the acceptance of these Standard
Terms and Conditions on enrolment, including the policy, all users agree
and consent to the monitoring of all e-mail and internet traffic
generated by them. This applies to employed staff members.

Data Protection

are referred to the College Data Protection Policy, as copy of which is
available from the Information & Booking Centre.The College takes
its responsibilities under the Data Protection regulations seriously and
respects the privacy of its students and staff. The College adopts such
measures as it deems reasonable, from time to time, to ensure that all
data is processed in accordance with the regulations. Any individual may
apply for a copy of their information held by the College (they may be
charged a small fee), or to have corrections and amendments made to the
information at any time. It is the responsibility of each individual to
ensure that the information held by the College about them is accurate
and up to date.

Disability Statement

Educators is committed to ensuring that people with disabilities and
people with learning difficulties are treated fairly. We will,
therefore, make reasonable adjustments to ensure that students with
disabilities are not substantially disadvantaged.