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London Educators: initial short application

Tick if you are interested in funded courses: √      ( Management, Health and social care or IT or HND)

Tick if you are interested in other courses:    √       ( Popular course is online MBA)

Popular funded course is Diploma in Management level 3 or HND in Management course




Number of years in UK___________________________________



Previous Qualifications_________________________________________________________________________________


Present Work (Optional)________________________________________________________________________________

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Funded Courses   

1. Diploma in Management at level 3

2. Diploma in Health and Social Care at level 3

3. Diploma in IT at level 3

4. HND level 4

Other Courses    

5. Online MBA course-see details under courses

6. Project Management-see details under courses

7. Administration Certificate in Management-see details under courses

8. Extended Diploma in Management at level 4: 9 months to 1 year duration

9. Diploma in Management at level 5: 2 years duration: for details phone or email

10. Diploma in Management at level 6: 3 years duration-for details phone or email

11. Diploma in Strategic Management at level 7: 2 years duration


Please email or telephone 0800 689 1695 for for any further information.

Full application will be completed at the College premise.

If we are busy please leave a short message with name, email, address, and title of the course that you are interested in.